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Friday, 21 June 2013 00:00

Welcome to MAC Autosport! Your destination for BOOST!† MAC sells and installs SUPERCHARGERS!2010 Camaro SS

For Modern Muscle, or Import Performance, if you want to improve power and performance for your special car, contact MAC. Supercharger for YOUR Camaro SS? Ask about this one MAC just finished! WHP was improved to 630WHP with MAC's upgrade to the Paxton/NOVI Supercharger kit, combined with HP Tuner dyno-tuning from MAC.† We are authorized Dealers for ProCharger, Stillen, GT Motorsports, and MagnaCharger, and have sold and installed Superchargers from Vortech/Paxton, Roush, and Ford Racing. We combine these excellently engineered kits with altitude specific boost levels, and Custom Dyno Tuning using HP Tuner software, UpREV Osiris software, and more.† Buy your kit from MAC!† We will get you the boost level you can't get with a standard kit, which is a big difference you get for your vehicle by dealing with MAC

MAC is a full service facility for Performance Parts, Installation, Dyno-Tuning, and Custom Fabrication in Aluminum, and Stainless. We provide services for Corner Weighing, and Custom Alignment. In addition to sales of most popular brands of performance parts for all makes, we produce our own in-house manufactured Performance Parts and Systems for Subaru performance, and other select makes.

If you have a project in mind, whether itís a road race car build, a suspension or braking system build up for your lapping day car, a ProCharger, or Stillen Charger for your street car, or a drag engine build, bring your ideas to MAC. We can help bring your ideas and dreams to life. This year's driving season will be here sooner than you think. Letís get started.

MAC Autosport is a full race tech shop for NASA, and support their racing and HPDE programs. MAC has 2 NASA licensed road racing drivers on staff. MAC also works with the other Colorado Car Club Members for event prep, dyno tuning and shop support. If you need to complete modifications or dyno tuning to your car for more power, better handling, corner weighing, custom alignment, better braking, or need inspections for NASA HPDE events, get in contact with MAC.

Thereís almost too much fun to be had for the Autosport enthusiast, considering the events and venues available in Colorado, so letís have some fun this year. We are your NASA point of contact for those of you who want to get your car out on track. If you need to complete modifications or dyno tuning to your car for more power, better handling, better braking, or need inspections for NASA HPDE events, get in contact with MAC.

Stop by the shop to check us out. For map/directions to our location click here. We look forward to seeing you and your car!

 MAC Autosport is Coloradoís Premier Dyno Tuning and Full Service Speed Shop. MAC specializes in dyno tuning most makes, and offers specific support for GM performance vehicles, Ford Mustangs, BMWs, Subarus, Mitsubishi EVOs, Nissans, and Infinitis.

Our All-Wheel Drive Dynojet is the busiest in the region, and our shop sells and installs performance modifications for engines, turbo systems, supercharger systems, suspension upgrades, driveline upgrades, and brake upgrades. Check out this site to find out what weíve accomplished, and what we do best.

We always strive to provide the best merchandise available, and installations performed to the highest possible standards. Our goal is to maximize our customerís driving pleasure.

So, what does MAC do? First and foremost, we are a dyno tuning facility. We are now into our ELEVENTH year as Colorado's original AWD dyno tuning shop, we have logged over 120,000 runs on our Dynojet, on over 4300 different vehicles, comprising more than 26 different car and truck makes, domestic, and foreign.

While we will dyno and tune any and all vehicles, MAC does have some specialty areas of expertise.
Our specialty vehicle makes are outlined below.

Subaru WRX/STi, Forester XT, Legacy GT

MAC dynos and modifies more Subarus than any other car make. We have had more than 850 different Subarus in our facility, for tuning, power upgrades, suspension upgrades, drivetrain upgrades, and brake upgrades. For all turbocharged Subarus, MAC tunes Cobb AP, OpenECU, Hydra, and Autronic for these cars. We are Master Stocking Dealers for Perrin/Alta, and an authorized Distributor for Cosworth.

Whether your objective is a modest power increase, better handling or stopping power, or if you want monster horsepower, MAC has the practical solutions for your Subaru.

General Motors

MAC is pleased to announce comprehensive support for GM vehicles! Whether it's our complete HP Tuner tuning, complete LS Series engine upgrades, brakes, suspension, or driveline, MAC is here to serve your GM needs! Our current projects range from a mild E85 tune to a wild 580 wheel horsepower all motor tune.

These cars LOVE Superchargers! MAC is also an authorized MagnaCharger dealer, and an authorized ProCharger Dealer. We also install single- or twin-turbo systems.

Mitsubishi EVO 8/9/10

As of 2010, MAC has had more than 280 different EVOs in the shop for Dyno-tuning, or for installations. Our projects have included numerous HKS cam installs, full engine builds, stroker engine builds, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, clutch upgrades, and turbo upgrades. We have seen any and all combinations of modifications on these cars, and we know what works, and what doesn't work.

MAC proudly carries the performance upgrades that have passed the test on our Dynojet, from HKS, RPS, AMS (Automotosports), ATP Turbo, AEM-EMS, RC Engineering, Hawk Brake, and more. Don't make a costly mistake on Your EVO, stop by MAC and we can discuss your power, handling, and stopping goals.

For tuning on EVOs, we tune with OpenECU, AEM-EMS, and Autronic. MAC did special high altitude tuning on the '08 and '09 Pikes Peak Hillclimb Open Class Champion EVO 8 from Rally Ready Motorsports, seen at the right. It was a challenge to tune properly for the incredible altitude change encountered on the Climb, but Rally Ready trusted MAC to get it right for this world-class racing event - for two consecutive years.


MAC Autosport is the exclusive Rocky Mountain West UpREV Osiris Dyno-Tuner!

MAC always has NISSANs in the shop, either for performance upgrades, or for tuning. We are acknowledged as the destination shop for Drift Competition cars in the the Rocky Mountain region. Our SR20DET engined cars are not just daily drivers (although quite a few are), but also compete in autocross events, drift competitions, track days, drag racing, and road race competitions. MAC is drift HQ for the region, and our Road Race/Drift car, driven by Adam McMahan, campaigns in NASA Super Touring 1 (ST1), in the west and midwest, as well as the NASA National Championships.

MAC sells, installs, and dyno-tunes turbocharged or supercharged modifications for G35/37/350/370Z models, and is one of only a handful of authorized install Dealers for Jim Wolf Technology, for their twin turbo set-ups for the G35/37/350/370Z. MAC is the authorized dealer for Stillen in Colorado, and fully supports the platform. MAC is the authorized UpREV Osiris Tuner for the G35/37/350/370Z, and other NISSAN/Infiniti, with very impressive results. As an authorized Distributor, MAC offers all of the modification components available from Cosworth for these NISSAN/Infiniti models.

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